Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Past

     Wow   I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted.  On the other hand lots has been going on.
Christmas  or I should say pre-Christmas was wonderful!
The GIRLS were here for the week before  and we did all the Christmas stuff together.  Their Mom and Dad had christmas things to finish  like shopping etc.  so the girls and I  trimmed the tree.
They were so excited to see ornaments that Mommie had when she was little and even some that she had made 

Ready for Santa

Then we had the traditional hot chocolate with candy cane garnish.  Yummm!

On Wednesday we; the GIRLS and I made   Gingerbread cookies and by popular demand Sinckerdoodles  (Mom and Dad still shopping).  It was just like having a young family again.  Well almost  Nana gets a little more tired but I think I enjoyed it as much or more than years past.  Not so up tight that everything be perfect.  Wish I could have been that way when my own were little.

To add to the festive feeling Molly decided to decorate the entire house  She had free reign of the last of the decorations  some green garland and lots of gold bead garland   Nearly everything She could reach was embellished.   Check out the laundry basket I found when it was time to fold the just out of the dryer placemats and napkins.

Thursday we all boarded Amtrak for a 2 hr ride to NYC  (a first for the GIRLS)  the "Are we there yet" started about 1/3 of the way in but they were great.
On to The American Doll Place for some gift shopping    Great  Grammie gave them money to spend as the chose.   What a place 3 floors of doll stuff phew 
off to lunch at the fun but REALLY LOUD Ellen's Stardust Diner   where all the servers are out of work Broadway singing talents   fun  but LOUD
Next stop  Radio City Music Hall    pics with Santa and another with a real live Rockette
and then the show  complete with cotton candy

By the time we got out to the show the crowds had gathered   The Tree was spectacular but the girls preferred the skating rink and the stores.

The rest of the week was less exciting  except that DH had a case of the flu which he promptly gave to yours truly. I ended up spending Christmas eve in bed with a fever   so I did miss the Santa excitement   Luckily they were planning to go to the other grandparents on Christmas afternoon  so they pushed that up by a day so they could limit the exposure.   Sad to say I was happy to be left alone    that's how bad I felt.

So on to the NEW YEAR!!

Sew On and
See the POSITIVE in everything 

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