Thursday, February 14, 2013

Februrary Commitments

Well   It looks like I am a monthly blogger...but this month I am committed to at least two posts.

I entered a mystery round robin with Michele back in November.  The big REVEAL is on Valentine's Day and if I've scheduled this post correctly that is TODAY.
If you don't know about these mysteries that Michele coordinates  check out her blog Quilts From My Crayon Box. You won't be sorry.
For this round there were four of us in a group. We each made a center block and sent it off to the next groupie.  Each groupie was charged with adding two different borders to a center block we received in the mail before forwarding to the next groupie.  Free will is the operative phrase for these mysteries; free will on the border style and free will on the fabric choices for them.  Thus, a mystery to the creator of the center block.
Really fun!!
This time my group was so cooperative with my travel plans and the timing worked out perfectly for me.   I mailed my center block from my DS's house.  I was there to help with my new DGS and managed to get out a meager hand appliqued block (no working machine available and no LQS in less than an hours drive)

PS He was so cute even then  still before his due date!

 and now at 2.5 months after the due date   (He was born 5 weeks early)
He is my new VALENTINE!!

 I was able to get my border additions on and mailed before I started another trip in January thanks to the promptness of my group members   Thank you all so much!! completed top came to me during my travels so I could get it posted today.

Here is my center block.

 And Now!!....
 without further delay   My "QUILT U BE MINE" finished top
I love the way it turned out.!!  Thank you all for such fine, creative work!!

 Want to see what was behind the design wall??

My morning view !

Now for some more eye candy go to my groupies blogs.

Terrie at  Michele's

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  1. 1st point....your new Valentine is simply adorable. 2nd point....your mini quilt turned out really fantastic. I love it. 3rd point....I'm way jealous of that view. I hope the trip has been enjoyable and everything you hoped it would be.

  2. I loved working on yours Vicki! I did the last 3; the thin red batik, the stacked coins and appliqued blocks, and the red batik on the outside. I know I was probably supposed to do more piecing, but I really liked that red batik and I loved how it sort of brought it all in and gave it an ending. I hope you love it as much as I did!

  3. Wow. Very outstanding. It turned out drop dead gorgeous just like the view outside your window...very lucky girl!!!

  4. Wow! This turned out completely amazing! Love your starter block--was that an original design? *sweet*

  5. Wow, love how yours turned out! SO much fun!

  6. Excellent ~ a favorite for use! Love it!

  7. Love your block! It looks like it's dancing. So does your grandson :) So cute. And hey, did you have to post the picture of your view?! It's making the rest of us jealous!