Thursday, November 29, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

     So On;  It seems the holidays are upon us!!  We even had a few flurries the other day.
Mom (who joined us for TG) stayed a few days.  She is amazing at 92 still driving, enjoying quilting and embroidery and now learning Mah Jongg.  We had numerous sessions of two handed Mah Jongg so she can go back and WOW her friends at how much she knows about the game ...and she finished quilting a Christmas scene in red work   I wish I had a pic to show     my bad!
    The Grand Girls will be here for part of the Christmas season so my usually minimalistic holiday decorating will be ramped up this year.   DH is willing to help pick out a tree early this year. So maybe this afternoon we can do that and then the spirit will be in full force and decorating can commence.
    On a Sew On note  I finished the top for DS and DDiL for their king size bed.  I was going to try to have it for a Christmas gift but I haven't decided on the backing yet and truthfully I'm not too anxious to work on something that big right now.  Fortunately for me Baby J is still sleeping in their bed room so they need to keep the ambient temp up and really don't need another quilt right now. Phew!!.......That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!
K's king size top

     It looks a lot smaller here   It measures 110" by  114"  
     In keeping with avoiding large projects (size matters)  I am trying to knit my first pair of mittens, gloves etc.  Most of what I have knitted have been sweaters, scarves etc. nothing small and in the round.  A new learning CURVE (pun intended)
     True to my nature (I'm not usually satisfied with beginners anything)  I plunged right in and am working on a pair of not quite fingerless gloves  meaning there are fingers in the glove up to the middle knuckle and they are REALLY SMALL    Sooo even though it is a small project  it is LARGE  in respect to intensity.  
The pattern is call Treads by Victoria Ann Baker   I think I found it on Ralvery   It is a FREE pattern too. 
Here is what I have so far. I only had to rip it out and start over once!
Color is really more purple
    I am using a "flat" yarn with lots of twists which makes it even harder to control
       What was I thinking??!!
I never would have gotten this far without U-tube and this
      Enough for today   I really must get moving!

Sew On and
See the POSITIVE in everything 


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