Saturday, November 10, 2012


     I am home again...phew....I now know the truth about why we have children when we are younger.  We of a certain age just don't have the stamina we did 25 yrs ago or for that matter even 10 years ago.  It kind of creeps up on you... age that is.  
     Anyway  I wouldn't have given up that time with my newborn grandson and feel very lucky that I was able to experience him in this way.  Paternal grandmothers are not always able to be the first to get to know the little ones.  Sorry for DDIL that her Mom couldn't get there but soooo happy that I could. With all the trouble with his entry into our world  this may be the last time I will have the immense pleasure of caring for one so new.  
What a joy!!
Proud Nana with Jack

1 week at home .. I feel good!

Isn't he beautiful?!!
     I was able to shop for curtains when I got home.  The nursery theme is jungle/safari and I found these at JoAnn's   I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of the store.  They reorganized it and really cleaned it up.  I knew it had been a while but was shocked to find out they had all this done in May  Seems impossible that I hadn't been there since      I guess I've been busier than I realized.
Another window in the nursery has gold drapes  so these are what I picked out to compliment them.

this picture came out much lighter than it really is

I can't seem to get these pics in the right place.    Oh well  cute aren't they?  I will let Mom decide and then use the other for a sleep sack since they don't use blankets or quilts for months yet.
Next up   THE SHOW I promise

Sew on and
See the POSITIVE in everything.

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  1. Adorable picture with the new baby. Congratulations again.