Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Show...preempted

I was going to make my next post about our guild show but so much has happened in so little time. The show was an entire month ago and still I haven't been able to bring you any pictures.

 However something more exciting has been going on!
It happened like this.  Two Wednesdays ago at about noon I got a phone call from my son, who lives 6 hours away.  His wife had been taken to the hospital with a lot of pain,  bad enough.....  even worse they are pregnant and the baby is not due for another 5 weeks.  A few phone calls later and diagnosis of severe toxemia.  Her mom lives 12 hours from them so I volunteered to go to care for the dogs...they have 3... and house.  DH graciously volunteered to drive me there otherwise it would have been a very stressful train ride.  About half way into the six hour drive another phone call  the toxemia is so bad they must take the baby now.  Take a several deep breaths and press on.
Next communication is a text saying "Meet Jack" with a picture of my new grandson.  He is breathing okay  thank God and mom is still in some danger and it will be 24 hours before we know how she makes out.   Baby in NICU; mom still in recovery.

Fast forward...a week ago Thursday Jack is home  mom is doing as well as can be expected after emergency C section and still with elevated blood pressure. Nana, Grandma, Grammie (to be determined) is still with the new family and loving every minute.
Plans to return home via Amtrak early next week.   Hello SANDY!!??    we spent the night in the finished basement  Mom, Dad, Jack three dogs and I.  Sandy missed us here and missed my home and the rest of my families home.  Thanks to the powers that be!!  Okay  I'll go home on the weekend NOT  Amtrak not running north of NYC    Oh well more time with Jack  I'll take it.   As is stands now I'll return home on Tues. in time to vote   by plane  this time   wish me luck.  I'm really tired of the few clothes I threw together to leave in a hurry.

I'll really try to get some show pictures up next time

Sew on and
See the POSITIVE in everything.

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