Friday, August 10, 2012

Mah Jongg

Do any of you play Mah Jongg?   It is nearly as addictive as quilting.  I play weekly, when I'm at home, with a wonderful group of women  some of whom also quilt.   I must admit we do more socializing than serious game playing .   We have a rather diverse group... (all retired now) which includes a social worker who spent much of her career working in adoption with "difficult to place" children in the greater NYC area;  a social worker who was also a parole officer and then taught in a school for what we used to call troubled youth also in the NYC area;  a business woman who was quite well known in her field of landscape design and architecture; a teacher of elementary school who is still in touch with many of her students and their children, a science technical writer who had a long career with IBM in it's heyday and myself.. a social worker, gemologist and gem appraiser and most recently a Family Nurse Practitioner in primary care.  We get into some deep discussions as you can imagine but mostly we just have fun and laugh.
It was my turn to host today  the host provides the snacks  Ohh I forgot we also eat... I just finished putting the house back in order and all the goodies away  I really should be thinking of dinner but I'm stuffed. 
Enjoy the weekend   I know I will with some sewing and a summer party to attend on Sunday

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