Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Hectic Few Weeks

Phew    I've been a little busy.  
I finished a table runner, placemats and napkins for my new daughter-in-law, Michelle

She loves red and yellow
I had some of the fabric left so I pieced together enough to make the strip on the place mats. Unfortunately I didn't have enough of one color left to make all six place mats so I decided to do three of each color I had left   I figured they would be able combine them. A matched set when they dine alone   2 pairs when they have another couple over and then alternate colors when there were six at the table  (more than that they are on their own)
I had just enough of the outer border to make the napkins    AND  I completed them before they came home    wooo    hoo!

Since none of our family had met Michelle I decided a good way to introduce her was to have a family reunion of the the East Coast contingency  (DD and family plus DSister and family all live in CA)   I'm happy to say all  who reside on this side of the country (but one nephew)was able to attend  what was actually proposed as my birthday party as well.   Three birds with that stone, meet and greet, reunion and birthday party.
I think everyone had a good time and, as I already knew, everyone thinks Michelle is a wonderful addition to the clan.

We also took the opportunity to announce another exciting addition......Michelle and Kurt are pregnant.....expecting our first grandson!!! around Thanksgiving.  He will give new meaning to the holiday for sure

Come to think of it all three of our grandchildren are holiday babies   the first  very near Christmas and the next close to Easter.   Sure makes our celebrations even more special.

This is actually only some of what I've been up to..... more in another post

Find the positive in everything

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