Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hooo Ray!!

I'm so excited.
My two best girls are coming to visit.   They live on the other coast so it isn't often that they get to come to Nana's (me) house.   To make it even more special they are on a big adventure.  They have been at Grandma's house for a week with out Mom and Dad  and today  Grandma and Grandpa are delivering them  (flying in their private 4 seater plane!!!!) to Nana  and Opa to stay for another week.  How lucky are they ? 
I think they have flown as many miles in their young lives (5 and 7years)  as my Mom who is 92 and she is no stay at home.
I went shopping yesterday for home project supplies and was that ever fun.  We have pony beads to melt for sun catchers, we have canvas paper for tape painting, we have water colors and brushes, we have shrinky dink paper, we have coffee basket filters to use with water color or food color and starch to make bowls to hold all kinds of treasures!
I saw an art project where the letters of one's name were painted abstractly and then glued together into a  sculpture and found some small wooden letters with glitter that they can paint  and arrange.
Where to start?   Well  they will be here for about a week so tomorrow morning we will be at one of my favorite activities  SEWING   Our first project will be to make their very own pillow cases.  They will have free (almost) reign over my fabric stash and I have a machine that each can use so  we will sew together.  They both have used the machines with help but I think GD#1 can do her own with some direction and GD#2 will only need a little more hands on guidance.



  1. Hey I didn't know that you now have a blog!!!!! Why didn't you tell me. Of course I want to follow you.

    1. Hi Michele I am trying some how days and sometimes weeks go by I WILL do better