Thursday, October 11, 2012


     My quilt guild   WITLWYCK QUILTERS   hosts a biennial quilt show. those who enter may choose to have their quilts judged by an AQS certified judge or for display only. We usually have the show on Columbus Day weekend when the leaves are turning in our beautiful Hudson Valley.
     This year we had nearly 200 entries, beautiful weather and lots of vendors.
Just a few of our hard working volunteers breathe a sigh of relief at the close of the show
     I just realized one of my quilts is showing on the bottom left of the picture.  I was excited to have  earned 3rd place for this one.

   Here it is. Sorry..  the color is a little washed out in this photo.
River Rhapsody    original

quilting detail   (done on my mid arm)
     I made this for a dear friend, who has been patiently waiting for it until the show was over.  Now we need to have him and his S.O. over for a presentation weekend so he can finally take it to it's new home.  I will miss seeing it as I had it hanging in my kitchen for months prior to the show.  The colors go really well with my kitchen. I am contemplating making another in a series   but that will be later, probably much later.... I have several pressing commitments first.

     I haven't uploaded most of the show pictures yet. I will post more about the show and add more pictures when I do. I do want to add my other prize winner though (pics for the registration are already on my computer)



    This one is hand appliqued.  I got the pattern and fabrics on a trip to Kauai, HI. I had a difficult time trying to do the echo style quilting on my mid arm and ended up  "reverse stitching" a lot of it and finally using my Viking SE to finish it.     Proud to say this  one also won a 3rd place ribbon.

     As you can see I am a fan of the kind of "vintage" look.  I always wash the fabric first and use unwashed cotton batting, then finish the quilt with a trip in washing machine and dryer.  I know some prefer not to have the "squishy" look especially in quilts that will be presented for judging   Oh well
I usually don't make my quilts with showing them in mind.
       I'm off to quilt

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  1. I am sew glad you have a blog ....and your work is marvelous...your stitching and color sense..well wow....I will add you to my blog roll, sew i can check in on you now..I expect lots more stitching to wow me and others x

    1. Thanks Madame I have tried several times to start a blog and changed it's name as many times I'll try to keep up more often

  2. I love this quilt. It would have been great to see in person.