Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sunset View & Day 7 It's All About Me

Wednesday, February 27

I hope you are not getting tired of my "View" postings  I can assure you I am not getting tired of looking at them.   The scene from my window and lanai are every changing.  The roar of the tide is totally mesmerizing.  I wish you could hear it.
Sun,  Clouds,  Breaking Waves, Sandy Beaches, Rocky Beaches, Surfers, Breezes, Waving Palm Trees, Sun Bathers, Exploring Children, Wedding Ceremonies, Albatraos, NeNe, Doves, Geckos and THE COLORS, ooohhh  THE COLORS!!!! 
All right there in my view but of another world.  Words and pictures really do not do it justice.

This is one moment during last night's sunsets

No further words   nothing can compare.

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