Monday, November 19, 2012


     Thanks to Michele from Quilts From My Crayon Box for a great swap THE MOD MINI MYSTERY.  The premise is ingenious and I would join another round any time. There were several groups of 8 each.  We were charged with providing a "mod" block of a certain size which we mailed to the next participant in our group.

Here is my "mod" starter.
     As in a "normal" round robin, we were to add a border to the entry we received for the month and then send it on to the next "groupie", but here the "normal" ended!  We were limited to up only 2 inches on each side and here the LIMITS stopped!  We could decide to add up to 2 inches on all sides, 4 inches on two sides or all of it on one side. The borderer (new word) used her own fabric and what ever style she chose for each addition.  WoooHooo! The sky's (almost) the limit.
     Then there's the MYSTERY part!   We could post sneak peaks of our month's work on our blogs as long as the owner of the original block could not see it and say "Hey that's my bock". Sadly I didn't start blogging until late in the swap and even more sadly I neglected to take pictures of the works in progress. DUH!!?? (next time)
     Michele masterminded the entire show, including setting up the groups, letting us know where to send our entries each month, keeping us on time (which proved to be no easy task) and organizing our reveal.  Some of the reveals will be on her blog here.


Here is what my humble block looks like after my groupies worked their magic!
I placed it on the gray strip so you could see the white border

  Visit all my goupies to see the mysteries that I worked on.

Madame Samm - Sew We Quilt 
(hasn't received her quilt back home yet, hopefully in today's mail)
Charlotte - at Quilts From My Crayon Box

Go to Michele's blog for all the links      
     I can hardly wait until tomorrow to see them all!   This was such fun!  
HEY MICHELE    Let's do another!

Deonn - Quiltscapes
Wendy - Why-Not-Kwilt
Bea - Beaquilter
Pippa - Pippa's Patch
Madame Samm - Sew We Quilt (hasn't received her quilt back home yet, hopefully in Monday's mail)
Celine - Espritpatch
Leslie - Les Quilts
Margaret - hasn't received her block back yet, will be posted on my blog when it arrives

Sew On and
See the  POSITIVE in everything.


  1. That Modern Mini Mystery is a fabulous concept and the one that came home to you is stunning -- I love how the block ended up "off-centre"! (PS I came in from Caribou Crossing blog)

  2. fun!! I LOOVE your blog background BTW- never visited you before

  3. I really, really like the way this turned out. Off center is so much fun.

    You can bet there will be another Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin. The planning is already in the works. I fully expect you'll be on the list.

    Thanks for playing.

  4. it looks so good .. glad you like what we did xx

  5. Your block is very interesting. I love how it is finished.

  6. Oh my - so interesting in colour and in style! I love this piece.

  7. I just love those colors and your group did some fabulous borders! Awesome!

  8. Oh, my! Didn't your quilt turn out fantastic?!! Some very creative and wonderful border(er)s made this just perfect!

  9. I don't know why I did not see your quilt reveal?! Well, I'm glad to see it now. This was one of my favorite little quilts while it was visiting here with me.